Are you looking for an adventure?  The perfect date?  Dreamt of riding a horse?  Wanting to re-build your confidence on the back of a horse?  Looking for an outdoor activity for your kids for the summer?  A birthday party idea?  We have it all!  Come spend the day with us – book your spot now!

Welcome to Leaning Tree Trail Rides.  Come join us at our home with our beautiful animals; both big and small, on some trails or in the pen.  We promise you will leave with a smile!

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About Us!


Nestled in the pines north of Westlock, Alberta with our big furry family.  We are Shawn + Amara Dallyn and we are so excited you are here!

We both share the love of the great outdoors and our passion of trail riding and spending time aboard our horses all year round has led us to do what we love and allow others to join us!

So a little more about us individually!

Amara was born and raised on a farm her entire life – first a dairy farm, and then a beef farm always surrounded by animals.  For the last ten years she has ran a successful wedding and family photography business (www.amaradirksphoto.com), taking her to beautiful destinations worldwide.

  • If she could rescue animals for a living she would, but has decided that would be too emotional as they would all have to stay with her forever
  • She would rather be outside digging in the dirt than stand in a kitchen
  • She loves snowboarding, curling, popcorn and sleep
  • She keeps her house, barn and garage tidy and clean, but the car is a different story

Shawn grew up rodeo’ing, and pretty much a life surrounded by horses – and his pet cow (Cowtown) that he used to ride with a bit.  He eats, sleeps and breathes horses and educating himself on the subject.

  • He would live on tacos if he could
  • He loves coffee .. speak to him after the first sip is taken
  • He’s a handyman and any project he puts his mind to is done with absolute and utter perfection
  • He has an incredible memory and a holder of very random facts
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Looking for more information, or to book yourself a ride, send us a message!!  We look forward to chatting further with you!