You’re Here!

To be writing this, first and foremost, is so exciting.  We are so stoked that you are here, even if it’s just to see what it’s all about, to see the photos of our adventure, or to be on one of our adventures with us .. we can’t wait to meet you!

So, on that note, this is our home, our animals, *one* of our very big passions in life.  We are Shawn and Amara!  You may have read a little about us in our “about” section, but we will dive in a little deeper so you know who you are going to meet and spend some time with.

To say Shawn loves his horses is almost an understatement.  He was born and raised into a very talented rodeo family and team roping was his thing .. and a natural talent he is, he still gets out in the arena from time to time to throw some loops.  He is always learning, reading, and becoming a better horseman daily.  Watching him in the round pen training, improving his skills both in the arena or in the pasture, 0r if you have the chance to ride or rope with him, you will have a time.



Myself, Amara.  Ten years ago I graduated from the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, BC and have grown my business into something I am very proud of (you can check it out at  I grew up on a farm just miles from where we are situated today, with an abundance of horses, cattle and many other critters.  I am so thrilled to be with someone to share these passions with, and to build our home to what it has become.


Seven years ago, we had two horses together – Riggs and Teddy.  Riggs was his go to rope horse, Teddy was given to me by my mom and was/is my food loving brown bay who remains Shawn #1 rope and trail horse.   Since then, our herd has grown to 7 Quarter Horses – 6 geldings and one mare (Riggs, Teddy, Denny, Major, Fred, Spade, and Jesse) along with my new additions, four mini’s with big personalities; Daisy, Dallas, Rocky and Bombur.  There’s a whole story behind these four, as I was only looking for ONE .. but needless to say, they are my loves and I promise you will fall in love with those cute little faces too.   Running around here is also 10 chickens, 2 cats; Toby + Johnny, and our beloved Lab X, Penny.

We are surrounded by acres and acres of bush/pasture land that we ride daily, so it was only fitting when we have been asked time and time again to host families/adults and children for rides.  I have had the pleasure of hosting rides to people from as far as Australia and Nova Scotia, and of course, many local families.  I hope to broaden the guest book significantly in the years to come!

So on that little ‘hello’ note – we will share stories, we will share photos (of course, there’s a photographer in the house .. you will never be disappointed in that department!), and we will share rides.  Be a part of it, contact us today!



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