and then it was winter


The alerts from the weather network blasted my phone of snow fall warnings, and let me tell you what, Mr. Weatherman is never incorrect about his forecasts of snow.  We went from fall to winter in a very short period of time.  Let’s not be shocked, we live in Alberta.

Most of the horses are out roaming the pastures, some have come home for their winter training sessions, and the mini’s have now been proudly walking around like they own the joint.  The boss (Teddy) was moved out to the pasture yesterday .. so when the boss is away, the little’s will play.

Naturally, on every first huge snowfall .. the camera comes out.

LTTR - Winter
LTTR - Winter
LTTR - Winter

Dallas, Daisy and Bombur – Rocky could care less about being in photos .. there is a bale to be eaten.

LTTR - Winter

Tucker is here from the farm, all concerned about WHY he is in a field of small animals that look like him.  Much like any horse that has never been exposed to the ego’s of a mini, he will get settled in and they will become fast friends.

LTTR - Winter

To all of you experiencing the loveliness of Alberta … stay warm!

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