Happy New Year

I can’t believe it’s already half way through January! I’m really excited to be working on this adventure and welcoming all of you out to our humble abode. Things have slowed down for me with weddings and client sessions, so I have been filling my days and hours with driving lessons with my mini’s. It’s usually when Shawn leaves that I get really crafty (probably leaning towards dangerous!) and decide to do things that I should probably do when he is around. None the less, the little fur balls trust that I have only good intentions with them, so off we went. I started with a simple calf sled – and though we had one spill due to my poor navigation, we had great success during the Christmas Holidays. Shawn, my dad and I spent Christmas eve in the shop fabricating the cutest little sleigh .. and since then, our make shift shaft system has been upgraded from my favorite people at Patty’s Pony Place. It has become a serious obsession and I can’t wait to hook up some wheels behind these guys come summertime!

Christmas was an amazing and a relaxing event with the family – as always. Our two nieces were home at the farm, so we had activity after activity. We skated and roasted marshmallows on our hidden gem of a skating rink, horse rides, mini sleigh rides, tobogganing … the works. I can’t wait to share more of our plans with you – so until then – keep warm and see you soon!

LTTR - Christmas
LTTR - Christmas
LTTR - Christmas
LTTR - Christmas
LTTR - Christmas

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