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Trail Rides


We will match you up with your trusty steed and we will take you on a guided trail ride! You will not be riding with strangers, or in a big group.  Every ride is tailored to each individual booking.  Age restrictions do apply, please inquire about what adventure you can take here at Leaning Tree!

Hourly Rate: $55 (this includes GST)

  • Children 8+ can join us down the hour long trail (please contact for restrictions).

** Max of 4 riders at a time during this time.

Parent Responsibility:

  • Please bring refreshments/snacks for yourselves and your children
  • On your scheduled ride time – please be here at least FIFTEEN minutes before your ride so that you can sign the waiver, helmets sized and Shawn can get you all sized up in your saddle.  If you are late for your scheduled ride time, this will directly effect the time you get to ride.  
  • Please ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear and clothing.  We recommend wearing long pants, and closed toed shoes are a must – absolutely no sandals + shorts!  Please pack bug spray!!!
  • Please ensure that the picnic area is cleaned and tidied as it was when you arrived.

Leaning Tree Rules:

  • We provide our horses and do not allow any horses to be brought to our facility.
  • COVID-19: Hand sanitizer will be provided at the gate before mounting your horse.
  • A waiver must be signed before all activities.  A waiver must also be completed by the parent or guardian of any rider under the age of 18.
  • Children 18 years and under must have someone 18 years and older with them.
  • Riding helmets are provided.
  • Riding ‘double’ on any horse is restricted.
  • Taking horses on the trails without a guide is restricted.
  • Any abuse or mistreatment of horses will result in dismounting the horse.
  • Guests participating in horseback riding will need to be a maximum of 230 lbs.

 We are committed to the health of our horses and the safety of our guests, which means maximum weight requirements are strictly enforced.
  • Absolutely NO running of horses on the trail.  This is for the safety of everyone on the trail.  Riders will be asked to dismount if this rule is not followed.
  • No littering.  Please take home what you bring or use designated trash cans at the campsite.
  • If you wish to have a fire to cook hotdogs, we do have the amenities to do so!  Please inquire upon booking

If you wish to purchase professional images of your adventure, please inquire!

Send a message (, or give us a call @ 780-307-6355!